Welcome to OutCom A/S

OutCom A/S is a full-service communications consultancy specialized in Public Relations, Public Affairs, Investor Relations and Reputation Management

For more than 25 years, OutCom has been dedicated to helping Danish and international public and private organizations realize their business goals through strategic insight, expert counsel and timely execution of innovative communications programmes.

Our references validate the extent of our expertise within media relations, market communication, and change and crisis management – across sectors and industries.

We are recognized for generating value and delivering visible and measurable results for our clients. We help organizations achieve their communication goals through controlled collaborative processes and managed and targeted communication on every media platform, both internally in the client’s company and in relation to the client’s stakeholders.

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​OutCom A/S | Strandvejen 100 | DK-2900 Hellerup | Telephone: 33 12 19 00 | E-mail: outcom@outcom.dk | Crisis phone: +45 40 30 99 10