Public affairs and consultancy on lobbyism

Private and public organizations share a need for societal understanding

We have considerable consultancy and participating experience in lobbyism – acute as well as long-term contributions – aimed at safeguarding the interests of a company or an industry in relation to the government, the Danish Parliament (Folketinget), national and regional executive agencies and bodies as well as independent authorities.

In contrast to most of the countries, with which we usually compare ourselves, Danish democracy conventions generally demand political decision-makers, civil servants and experts to be open towards facts and impartial argumentation. Hence, they are also accessible and open towards direct, personal dialogue allowing companies, trades or organizations an influence on political decisions.

Such dialogue must be based on targeted communication, objective knowledge, facts & figures, and valid documentation. With this in place, it will also be feasible to safeguard and protect special interests on behalf of a business, a trade or a group of stakeholders.

Our many years of experience – and most certainly our results – obtained from lobby assignments in Denmark demonstrate that public affairs is equally a question of ’Know How’ and ’Know Who’ in combination with patience, planning and mediation of factual and valid information, openness and due diligence.


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