Media relations, market communication and publicity

Media coverage for better business

The media are among the most forceful opinion makers and significant sources of information for almost everyone. It is frequently through the media that the world forms its view of a business or an authority.

Companies understanding to maintain a strong position in a relevant context achieve more support and recognition as well as enhanced preference as compared with businesses leading a quiet life under the radar. A strong and trustworthy market position and a clear corporate profile are key tools for generating leads and sales – and they may also have a strong impact on share prices.

Making targeted use of the media

The costs of securing editorial visibility and presence in the media are just a fraction of the costs of creating visibility via purchased advertising space and other marketing activities. Also, readers perceive editorial media coverage as being much more credible than any other marketing. Finally, businesses that are open and accessible will be treated much more fairly and nuanced – should they become involved in a negative incident.

OutCom can provide many examples and references from the last 25 years. These examples and references, from past and present clients, demonstrate the results we’ve achieved in press contact and media relations working with some of the world’s most respected companies and valued brands across many industries and sectors.


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