OutCom is renowned for generating value and visible results for our clients.

How we work

OutCom believes in teamwork and synergy

We are strong believers in team work – thus ensuring back-up on all client accounts and contact to a number of OutCom consultants. At OutCom, quality comes first. We work methodically and structured to optimize and enhance the efficiency of every process and activity – while relieving the workload for the client’s organization.

We have tangible evidence of the advantages of outsourcing communication tasks to external experts who have ‘been there, and done that’.

Our client consultancy and collaboration also comprise:

  • Sparring for managers and management teams concerning any type of communication
  • The procurement of analyses, knowledge and facts within defined and agreed areas.
  • Project and process management of agreed communication projects.
  • Execution/implementation of agreed activities, reporting and evaluation.
  • Coordination of execution on behalf of international commissioning parties requiring absolute confidentiality and discretion in connection with preparatory work – typically simultaneously in several countries.
  • High quality and positive effect on the execution of agreed communication activities.


​OutCom A/S 

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