Financial communication and investor relations

In recent years, market requirements to timely, true and fair information about relations which may affect the assessment of listed companies and their value have been made much more rigorous.

Likewise, international regulations and codes of practice pertaining to listed companies and their information processes have been tightened.

For many years, OutCom has been a permanent consultant for a number of listed Danish companies as regards investor relations and financial communication.

We e.g. provide:

  • Ongoing communication consultancy concerning every aspect of listed companies– comprising the preparing and relaying of the necessary messages to the relevant stakeholders – including Nasdaq OMX (the Copenhagen Stock Exchange), the media, investors, etc. .
  • The preparation of stock market announcements – comprising stock market releases and interim statements, financial statements, etc.
  • Planning and execution of e.g. investor meetings, webcast productions, and roadshows.
  • The preparation of investor presentations and listing particulars in connection with initial public offerings (IPOs) and issues.

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Succession processes and funding

OutCom also takes on the role of communication consultant for companies which – in the years ahead – will be going through a generational change. This may be focussed on communication intended to prepare the way for the sale of a company to external investors – or other types of funding.


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